Zach Voller


  • Z. Voller and Z. Wu, 'Distance Geometry Methods for Protein Structure Determination', In A. Mucherino, C. Lavor, L. Liberti, and N. Maculan (Eds.) Distance Geometry: Theory, Methods, and Applications, Springer, 2012.

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Research in Progress

  • A. Roiterstein and Z. Voller, 'Stochastic Structure of Stationary RCINAR(p) Processes', (In preparation).

Technical Report

  • J. Peterson, S. Crawford, A. Engau, J. Johnson, A. Tsolakis, Z. Voller, and L. Wilkins, 'An implementation of the King - Kesson flavirus decoy model', Clemson University, Department of Mathematical Sciences, 2006.