During our mapping we also developed a short video showing the use of our device and how it simulates the effects of old age for the exception of the helmet. The story line is of a man waking every morning to the inevitability of growing old, this fear of old age becomes a nightmare up until it becomes his reality.

Our design intention was to develop a machine that would both psychologically and physically simulate the impression of old age. We did so by fabricating restraints that would restrict movement to that of an elderly person and to create a visual simulation of blindness.

A majority of us take for granted the luxury of our senses such as sight, hearing, and mobility. With age this becomes an inevitable process for most and our machine enables one to feel this experience. This device is powered by elastic bands, which would restrict the user from fully moving and creating full extension all the most impossible. The suit is also completed with a helmet that acts as a stroboscope of a man aging and light apertures that simulate blindness, which is also controlled by the user.

Our machine is composed primarily from a combination of hand carved decomposing trees, recycled belts, destroyed rubber elastic bands, store bought bass wood, and recycled MDF. Over 80% of the overall design was completed with recycled material with an addition of milled wood. The connections on our device are held together by simple screw hooks and 8 x ½” washer head screw. The entire project cost was under 20 dollars.

Initially the entire design was based off this concept of fear and that fear was the loss of your senses, which eventually lead us down the path of old age (Gerontophobia) and how this loss of senses eventually comes across all of us in time. So we investigated cases that with old age comes the need for prosthetic/supports to allow simple movement. Or how with old age comes the loss of vision. Once we developed a strong concept we began to look into weight resistant machines and how they resist certain motions that would be the entire design of the suit. With the helmet, we looked into a rotating bearing system that would act as a stroboscope and would light from bright to dim simulating blindness.