Since 2005, I have been teaching design studios and seminars and lectures in architectural history and theory at Iowa State University. In January 2012, I became the first director of the Bachelor of Design program in the College of Design. This four-year interdisciplinary design degree offers students a flexible studio-based degree that can be combined with other majors and minors, tailored to fit the needs of transfer students, and provides a broad and project-oriented design education. While B.Des Director, I will continue teaching history and theory courses in architecture, as well as courses in the Bachelor of Design program.

My history and theory courses primarily explore 18th, 19th and 20th century material. I emphasize the constructed nature of historical narratives and explore alternative readings of canonical and lesser known works. Students improve their research and writing skills through assignments that ask them to show mastery of ideas rather than just information.

My studio pedagogy focuses on design process - conceptualization, precedents, formal studies, and design representation. In recent studios, I have been experimenting with the idea of recursiveness as a pedagogical strategy. Students repeat assignments, often with small variations, to emphasize process and method over a reductive focus on originality.

Current Courses (Spring 2017):
Arch 222: History of Architecture II

Courses Taught:
Arch 201: Architectural Design I (F07, F08, F14 co-coordinator)
Arch 202: Architectural Design II ((S07, S08, S09, S10, co-coordinator), S11)
Arch 222: History of Architecture II (S11, S12, S13, S14, S15, S16, S17)
Arch 302: Architectural Design IV (S06)
Arch 321 (formerly 420): History of the American City (S07, S09, Su10, F10, S12, F13, F14, S16, F16)
Arch 425: Global Modern Architecture after 1900 (S10)
Arch 528A: Architecture and Politics in Czechoslovakia (S08)
Arch 573x/CRP 573x: Contemporary Issues in Global Housing (with J. Rongerude, CRP)(F12)
Arch 576: Study Abroad Options - The Cities of the Czech Republic (Su2008)
Arch 595: Seminar on the Built Environment I - Modern Architecture and the Utopian Imagination (S06, F06, F07)
Arch 595: Seminar on the Built Environment I - Histories as Artifacts: Examining Modern Architecture (F08, F10)
Des 250: Design Forum (S12, F12, S13, F13, S14, S15)
DsnS 102: Design Studio I (F05, F06, F09)