Current Research
My research examines the cultural and technological history of architecture in 20th-century Czechoslovakia and today's Czech Republic. My book, Manufacturing a Socialist Modernity: Housing in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1960, was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in March 2011.

The book is also available in Czech translation through Academia Press:

My new book-length project is about the development of the industrial cities in the Ostrava region since 1960. The project frameworks include the concept of 'infrastructural thinking' as a component of socialist-era urbanism that has carried forward into the post-1989 period, as well as 'ordinary modernism,' an idea that Ostrava and other non-capital cities in communist Europe represented a non-experimental implementation of the modernist program for neighborhood development promoted since the 1920s by groups like CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) and UIA (International Union of Architects). The 'ordinary' examples, such as Ostrava, show that the modern project did not die or fail in 1938 as long argued by architectural historians, but rather that it was a vital and successful model of city building utilized across the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union.

I spent five months in Ostrava in the fall of 2011 gathering research material and working with colleagues at Ostrava University and the Technical University of Ostrava on this project. The trip was funded by a Faculty Fulbright Research Grant and Iowa State University.

Selected Research Grants and Fellowships
Faculty Fulbright Research Grant, Czech Republic, 2011-2012.
Publication Subvention Grant, Iowa State University, 2010.
Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities Fellowship, Iowa State University, 2006, 2009.
Solar Decathlon Grant, Department of Energy, Co-Principal Investigator, 2008-2009.
Scott Opler Fellowship for New Scholars, Society of Architectural Historians, 2005.
ACLS Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship for East European Studies, 2003-2004.
Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship, 2002-2003.