Interior, exterior rendering:

DWF file



Project Summary:

Villa Savoye is one of the greatest architecture in the world. We think it has simple geometry or form, but when I finished this project, I feel like it’s more complex than that. All those space functions, interior design and space arrangement or material selections are just perfect. Well, I admit it this is a kind of simple model which just straight walls with pretty flat site. But it still give me some troubles such the curved curtain walls, it takes me a lot time to figure it out. And also I got kind of hard time to deal with it, because the roof garden has so many different elevations, slopes and openings.

It is kind of flat site, but there are many components on that site like grass, road and path. Dealing with landscape is always my weakness, so I used different site components to build different levels of site elements represents different heights, materials and colors and textures. Basically I had fun and learned a lot from this course and this project. Not just about Revit itself, but also all kinds of knowledge of architecture. So I think this period of time will be very helpful for my studio work or even career in the future.