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Arch 334 Final Project -- Revit system


Architects: Richard Meier and Partners, New York, USA
Location: Tor Tre Teste, , Italy

Arch 334 has been a course introducing modern computer application in architecture via the learning of BIM concepts and modeling methods.During the practice and application of the software Revit Architecture, the model of Jubilee Church has been built digitally in a more comprehensive fashion.

The whole project began with the chanlenge of realizing the shells, which is the most eye catching feature of this church, in the Revit environment. With the powerful conceptual mass tool of Revit system, the geometry logic behind the real world construction has been replayed in the software.

Later during the further practice of Revit Architecture, I noticed that Revit system is not only a nice tool for basic graphic sheets, but also a great communication media. Its 3D view environment brings us more prespectives of a project, such as interior view, exterior view and section perspective, with a real time sun path and shadow context.

A set of schedule charts could be generated for detail project management; and an export of DWF file could make the model more portable between teams during multiple project reviews.

Meier's sketches

Construction views

In-place mass system

Interior view

Exterior view to the entrance

Section perspective

DWF file in Autodesk Design Review