It's a cold winter night. It's midnight, and it's very quiet. I'm still awake and studying. I have a test tomorrow. I need to read two chapters. I finish one chapter and I read the next chapter. It's too difficult. I can't pass the test. What do I do? Shall I keep studying? Can I take the test some other time? Shall I give up? I'm pondering many things. I think my head is going to burst.

Suddenly, some noise startles me. Something shattered on the ground. I look at the window. Wait! What is that? I see a light across the street. It is from a new house. It's strange. Mr. & Mrs. Smith are on vacation now. They asked me to rake the lawn for them while they're gone. Nobody should be there. Oh, I see the light again.

Then, it dawns on me. Someone is burglarizing the house. I'm afraid. What do I do now? I have to call the police. I dash to the phone and call the police.

After ten minutes, the police arrive. They enter the house. As the police inspect the house, someone lurks outside the house. The police yell, "Stop, right there!" But the man with a black mask runs into the woods near the house. Then, he tumbles down the hill in the woods. The police finally catch him. The police take off the mask. He grins first, then, starts to sob.

Two policemen come to my apartment. The first one looks very serious. He doesn't salute me. He just asks for my name. Then, he says, "Thank you for calling us about this problem." The other one is friendlier. He inquires about a couple of things. He wants to know when I first saw the light. He scribbles some notes.

The policemen are gone, and everything is quiet now. What a strange night! I'm glad this is over, but I am still shivering a little. So I pour some milk. This might help me. I can't study any longer and can't sleep right away.

I decide to read a book. I got it at a bookstore yesterday. The title is "American Short Stories." I look at the first chapter. And I gape at the title. It says, "My Life as a Burglar" by A Man with a Black Mask.


Thank You Very Much!