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My name is Xiaolong Wang, I came to Iowa last year and I am now studying at Iowa State University. Over the past year, I have helped the Chinese Association of Iowa. Last Chinese New Year, I was in Des Moines and my job was drawing the Chinese zodiac signs and giving it to kids. During that time, I enjoyed all the shows while I was giving out the Chinese zodiac signs. I met some other international students who are just like me. We talked and got to know each other as well as helped each other to finish the work. After the Chinese New Year, I gained experience and also made some new friends.
For other Asian Festivals, my friends and I make paper cuts and greeting cards, all the work took us almost a week to finish. I also sold some chopsticks, fans and scarves. While selling all of the chopsticks, fans, and scarves, I communicated with everyone who was interested in those products. I told the customers what the merchandise was and the practical uses for them. The most interesting part of selling the merchandise was bargaining. Sometimes the price could be haggled down from $10 to $5. It was a very interesting experience.
Through all these experiences, I have learned a lot of lessons that I did not know before. I now know more about communicating with other people. I have also met some new friends. Swallow Yan has told me that he appreciated all I did. It feels good that I can help him and I am always willing to do it.