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This file contains some functions to automatically insert titles (file headers). The followings fields are included: File, Path, Description, Created, Author, Modified, Last maintained by, RCS revision, state, Note and copyright.

The three variables CopyrightFile, custom_organization, and custom_copyright are used to define the path of your complete copyright file, your organization and the abbreviation of your copyright (Example custom_copyright = "(c) Copyright 1994 Xcoral Galactic Company";). Their default values may be modified in the title.sc file, or set in the .xcoralrc or another .sc file.

When CopyrightFile is set to zero (default), the introduction of the GNU General Public License is inserted by title(), shell_title() and smac_title() functions.

The fields Created, Author, Modified, Last maintained by and copyright are automatically filled in at the function call.

The fields File, Path, Modified and Last maintained by are updated by the function update_title or when the file is saved if save.sc is used (see §5.28 page gif).

The field RCS Revision State is updated with Smac RCS functions.

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995