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On color displays, Xcoral uses some standard colornames from the RGB.TXT colors database, and also some colors used in the top and bottom shadow. This fails if the current colormap is full. This means that one or several running clients have used all the free color cells of the current colormap. Xcoral does not handle virtual colormap and in this case the MONO option may be useful.

In RESOURCE_MANAGER property (see also .Xdefaults), the resource colors for Xcoral must be defined as colorname (see also rgb.txt).

ATTENTION: in some desktops (i.e. HPVUE, COSE) a wildcard for the foreground and background are sometimes predefined in hexa format. In this case, redefine these resources as a colorname else you will get a message like Can't alloc named color.

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995