Latex mode

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Latex mode


This mode (named `Latex') is a simple mode that wraps lines, colors and indents them following LaTeX keywords.

A fixed font should be used to have the same width for all characters. Therefore, the number of characters in a line depends only on the window width and on the font used. However you can fix the number of characters in a line by replacing window_width('a') with the desired value (see Thus, when the current line becomes too long, its last space is changed to \n and the rest of the line is indented to the next line. Consequently, it is not possible to insert a space or a tab at the beginning of a line. To insert spaces or tabs it is necessary to press Ctrl-q before entering them.

To define your own indentation, you can set latex_indent_step (default 3) and latex_indent_chapter (default 0) to the desired values (see the file Bindings available in Latex mode are default mode bindings plus the followings:

To automatically set the Latex mode when a file is loaded, use the suffixes .tex or .latex.

Si vous voulez en plus quelques accents, il suffit d'ajouter dans votre fichier .xcoralrc les lignes suivantes:

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