C-C++ mode

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C-C++ mode


The main advantage of this mode is the automatic indentation when you hit return. A blinking mechanism for parenthesis, brakets and braces is also implemented. Some key bindings have been defined for functions, forms and regions. For more details see mode.sc in the second part of the document (§5.24 page gif);



Indentation is done by the return key which inserts a newline character and indents the new line. The Tab key is used to reindent the current line if needed.

Moreover, some Smac global variables are available to customize indentation in comment, string, parenthesis, bracket, brace, statement and function arguments.



Blinking is used to visualize matching parenthesis, brackets or braces. This means that, for instance, if you insert a ')' character, the cursor moves to the corresponding '(' character and comes back to the current position. Blinking is confined to the current page else a message is displayed (i.e. match at line X pos Y).

Definition, form and region

The following key bindings are also available:

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