Compiling and searching within Xcoral

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Compiling and searching within Xcoral


Evaluating make(); runs make -k in a sub-shell and displays its results in a new Shell mode window. When make is finished the contents of this window can be:

	bm_search.c:128:syntax error 
	get_file.c:97: syntax error
	scroll.c:234:syntax error

You can then use the Ctrl-x g command (see go_next §5.10 page gif) which reads the lines in order (from top to bottom), opens a new text window if needed, loads the erroneous file and goes to the error location. After each Ctrl-x g, the cursor moves to the next line in the error list. The first Ctrl-x g you type goes to the first line of the current result.

In the same way evaluating grep ("GetBuffer *.c"); searches  the string GetBuffer through all files with .c suffix. With the Ctrl-x g command in the result window, you can easily navigate through the corresponding files. It is useful when you want to modify a string which appears in many files. For instance, it may help you to add an argument to a function or to change its name.

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995