Browser database

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Browser database


The Xcoral browser builds its database by parsing one or more source files or full directories. It collects useful information about functions, classes, methods and inheritance in C/C++ environments only. The browser parses files with the following default suffixes: .c,.h,.cc,.cxx,.hxx and.C. Of course it is possible to add other suffixes (See Using Smac §4.3 page gif).

During Xcoral start-up, the browser does not parse any directory to reduce the start-up time. However an environment variable XCORAL_PARSE_PATH can be set to parse directories, like the classic PATH, with the standard separator ':'.

ATTENTION In this case the directories are parsed recursively.

The browser database is automatically updated after all write/save file operations.

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995