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First, we would like to thank all beta-testers that tried intermediate versions before this 2.5.

Thanks to Thierry Emery who has written a part of SmacLib files.

Special thanks to Marie-Paule Kluth who has intensively tested the editor and who has helped me to review this manual.

Thanks also to the following folks who have sent comments, bug-reports and clever ideas.

      Anthony Baxter
      Austin G. Hastings
      Bert Bos
      Bert Gijsbers
      Bertrand Zidler
      Carsten Jerichow
      Chris Sherman
      DaviD W. Sanderson
      Eckehard Stolz
      Eric Sink
      Erik Jan Lingen
      Emmanuel Snyers
      Frank Barnes
      Fred J.R. Appelman
      George M. Menegakis
      Geraldo Veiga
      Grant McDorman
      Heimir Thor Sverrisson
      Jacques Tremblay
      Joerg Heuer
      Justin Seiferth
      Jeffry R. Abramson
      Jody Goldberg
      Klamer Schutte
      Laurent Duperval
      Marc Baudoin
      Marie-Paule Kluth
      Michael Baentsch
      Mitch Baltuch
      Olivier Marce
      Pascal Perichon
      Paul Hudson
      Paul Sander
      Peter Chang
      Philippe Juhel
      Richard Czech      
      Robert Nicholson
      Roger Reynolds
      Serge S.Maleyev
      Thierry Emery
      Todd Vernon
      Todd C. Miller
      Torsten Blum
      Torsten Schlumm

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995