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   int select_window(int win)

Changes the current window to win and returns win if the corresponding window exists. Else returns and the current window is unchanged. Here is an example of this function use:


   int current_window()

Returns the current window number.


  int new_window()

On success, creates a new untitled window and returns its number, else returns -1.


   void kill_window(int win)

Kills the window win. If win is the last window, quits Xcoral. Else if win is the current window another window becomes the current window. Following is an example of this function use:


  void lower_window()

Puts the current window under all the others.


  void raise_window()

Puts the current window above all the others.


  int window_height()

Returns the current window height (number of lines in current page).


  int window_width(int character)

If character width is not null for the current window font, returns the number of times character can be written on the current window width; for a fixed font this value is the number of columns. Else, if character is not visible (it is the case for the null character in all fonts), returns the opposite of current window width in pixels.

See also redisplay()7.3.8 page gif), filename()7.3.8 page gif) and set\_font()7.3.8 page gif).

Lionel Fournigault
Mon Mar 6 13:33:34 MET 1995