Other Fun Stuff

The rest of this page is pretty straight-laced group stuff. This part of the page just for fun. These are some sites and things I enjoy personally, and no endorsement by the chemistry department or university is implied.


I got sucked into soccer Christopher turned four in 1999 and wanted to play. The local club called me up and said if I wanted him to have a team, I had to coach it. I said OK, as long as it didn't matter I knew nothing particularly of the game, and surely didn't know how to play well at all.

I learned to play a little, then more or less stopped a few years ago when I kept getting recurring hamstring injuries. But I got a national youth coaching license or two, and ended up on the board of the local club. Now he can can probably take me, but I can still whip my twins.

They call Soccer "The Beautiful Game." Took me a while, but now I get it.

Triathlon and Running

In recent years, I figured out that while playing "serious" soccer is probably bad for me, I can run (slowly, but for a long time) without hurting myself too badly. And because the old knees have some mileage on them, I ended up taking triathlon. Way cool, actually. Did my first half-iron-man (Aluminum man???) in August 2008. My wife let me buy a sweet bike. Christopher is on schedule to start beating me in 2009. We'll see! There is an amazing number of races in Iowa each summer

The Dodgers

You can take the boy out of LA but you can't take LA out of the boy.


OK, so I'm a sucker for the local teams. We're season ticket holders for the Women's Basketball team. All hail Bill Fennelly!

Politics, etc.


dogs and Christopher