Stat 496
Applied Statistics for Industry II

Instructor: W. Robert Stephenson
3111 Snedecor Hall
Phone: 294-7805
Office Hours:
Lecture: On Line Course via Blackboard


Course materials including handouts of PowerPoint presentations seen on the videos
will be made available via Blackboard. Additional material can be found on this course website.

The text from STAT 495 Statistical Quality Design and Control, 2nd edition
by Devor, Chang and Sutherland will be used in this course.

Three good reference books for the design and analysis of industrial experiments are:

Applications of Statistics to Industrial Experimentation by Cuthbert Daniel
Design and Analysis of Experiments, 4th Ed. by Douglas C. Montgomery
Statistics for Experimenters by Box, Hunter and Hunter

Off campus students will need to identify a proctor who will supervise the exams at their locations.

Proctor Form

Exam 1: Week of February 16
Exam 2: Week of March 30
Final Exam: Week of May 4


The due date for each assignment is one week after it is assigned. Corrected assignments will be returned as soon as possible.
A solution will be sent along with each corrected assignment. A term project will be due by 5 pm on May 1.


Grading is based on your performance on exams, the project and homework assignments. The breakdown of points is as follows:

Exam 1: 100 pts
Exam 2: 100 pts
Homework: 100 pts
Project: 70 pts
Final Exam: 130 pts
Total 500 pts

Blackboard, tapes of lectures and handbook materials:

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Course handouts:

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Homework assignments:
Homework solutions:

Homework solutions are available on Blackboard or it will be emailed to you.