MANAGEMENT 471 emphasizes the ideas that people are an organization's "lifeblood" and that successful organizational performance requires informed management of human resources.

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Dr. Johnson's section A is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday 11: to 12:15 during Spring Semester 1996.

[HR] IMAGE "Dr. Johnson's style allows students to be open and communicate with one another during class discussion. He stimulates thinking as well as being very concise and informative about organizational behavior. Dr. Johnson's personality made the class very interesting and worthwhile, whether or not the course was required or taken as an elective. I would recommend this course to students or any other class that Dr. Johnson instructs." --Kris Bailey, Senior

IMAGE "Dr. Johnson's Management 471 course, Human Resources Management, is an interesting experience. Unlike most classes, it is an opportunity to have your ideas constructively challenged by class-mates and the instructor. Argumentative methods help to effectively convey various issues in HRM by exploring topics such as sexual harassment and diversity in the work-place. These are topics that are extremely relevant for today's business well-being. I recommend this class to everyone interested in Human Resources Management and especially to those that want to learn beyond laws and regulations in the work-place." --Enrique Santiago, Senior


If you are interested in the class or are interested in learning more about Human Resource Management, please E-mail Dr. Johnson at the address given below or call him at 4-8267.


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