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                                                       January 21, 2005


                 Copyright 2005 W. Q. Meeker

SPLUSTS (S-PLUS time series) is a collection of S-PLUS function
and interface for timeseries analysis. For examples of how to use
SPLUSTS, see the file SPLUSTS.txt and the files in the echapter

SPLUSTS will work with any version of S-PLUS after 6.0. 

The following describes a simple method for installing SPLUSTS on a
single-user machine. We recommend, however using a more flexible
method that will be the standard in the future. For more details and
a description of the preferred method that allows for multiple
projects and multi-user machines, see the SPLUSTS documentation

Instruction for Installing S-PLUS and SPLUSTS 
for a Generic Reliability Data Analysis Short Course.

These instructions assume that SPLUS version 6.2 has been installed
in the default folder: C:\Program Files\Insightful\splus62. If this
is not the case, the SplustsUser shortcut needs to be edited to point
to the appropriate place.

Although it is not critical, when installing SPLUS I suggest
accepting the option for the having the command window open at
startup, but not the object browser.

Instructions for installation of SPLUSTS (add-ons to S-PLUS):

1. Download the SplustsSV4.exe file from

2. Execute SplustsSV4.exe. This will create a folder c:\Splusts, if
you accept the default location. You should get a message saying
that 228 files have been unzipped (or something like this
number---it various by release and I do not always remember to
change it here!). It would be ok (even preferable) if this folder
were write-protected.

3. Copy (do not just move) the folder c:\splusts\SplustsUser to c:\SplustsUser The students must have full permissions to read, write and delete in this folder. This is where student-created S-PLUS objects will be saved.  It is possible to put this folder in a different location, but then the properties in the default shortcut would need to be edited to point to this folder.

4. Copy (do not just move) the shortcut c:\splusts\SplustsUser
(c:\splusts\SplustsUser.lnk) to the desktop.

5. To do the setup, click on the SplustsUser icon. This will fire up
S-PLUS 6.2.  You will get an "improper path" message. Click "ok"
SPLUSTS will then automatically make its _prefs folder that contains
the GUI menu structure and create the SPLUSTS GUI.

6. Get out and back into S-PLUS 6.2 (to preserve the setup). From
the command liner try:


Other examples can be found in the echapters folder of the Splusts folder.

I would welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement of these
functions.  I intend to continue development. Please feel free to call
or send email if you have questions.

The most up-to-date version of SPLUSTS can always be found at

Please send email to if you would like to be
notified when new versions have been posted. 

Copies of the SPLUSTS software may be made for private, non-commercial purposes. 
For other purposes, contact the author at the address below.


There is a continuing, sophisticated process for checking
computations done with SPLUSTS. It is, of course, possible that bugs
exist in the software. I will try to investigate and fix any
problems that are reported to me. Because it is free, however, SPLUSTS


William Q. Meeker
Department of Statistics
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011