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This directory contains source code and examples for the Censor
program that I wrote in the late 1970's and early 1980's. It is
outdated, but perhaps still useful for some purposes. It is a
fortran program. Hundreds of copies were sent out in the early
1980's before similar capabilities appeared in programs like SAS and

Please note that CENSOR is NOT a PC package. It is a standard
FORTRAN program, originally written for large computers.  As far as
I know (I have not tried myself), however, CENSOR will not run
on MS/DOS/WINDOWS systems without major changes (which I have never
attempted to implement).

CENSOR was designed for batch-type operation where one builds a file
of commands and data.  This file is executed and output is directed
to another file which read or edited, as desired.  CENSOR has only
``printer-type'' graphics (crude by today's standards, but still
useful) and uses up to 132 columns in its output stream (the width of
the paper in the old days!).

There is a User's manual for CENSOR, but it is not available here.
Someday I might be able to get someone to scan in a copy and make a
pdf file.

I cannot answer any questions about CENSOR. I have not looked at the
code in almost 20 years!

Here is a description of the files in this directory.

README.txt                  this file
censor.f.gz                 fortran source code
censor.change.gz            fortran source code with character 
                              strings to make it easy to change dimensions
censor.dat                  example input
progout                     example output