Women and Sports

cup.jpg (27569 bytes) Women have moved beyond simply cheering men's sports teams from the sidelines. Now they are not only active spectators and die-hard fans, they are players! From the increase of girls sports being offered by schools and communities to the development of professional women's teams and increased Olympic events for women, women's sports have moved into the global spotlight. Check out some of these links to find out more about women and sports.

Book lists, a selected bibliography of critical articles, information about two anthologies of women's writing about women's sport (A Whole Other Ball  Game and Whatever It Takes). All to be found on the new WOMEN'S WRITING ON WOMEN'S SPORT" WEB PAGE

Want to follow your favorite women's college basketball team from the comfort of your computer? Now you can!

Title IX fixed everything for female athletes, right? WRONG! Here's a site that every female athlete, and every fan of women's sports, should read:
Mythbusting: What Every Female Athlete Should Know

Okay, okay. So just what is Title IX anyway? And what does it have to do with girls and women playing ball?
Overview of Title IX

What does participation in sports do for females, anyway? I mean, besides being good exercise, why should I work up a sweat by playing sports? Check this site out for some clear advantages:
Advantages of Sports for Women

Okay, so I get it that Title IX has transformed the world as far as women's sports go. Just how is Iowa doing, though? Do we have equity yet? Find out at:
How is Iowa Doing?

How has Title IX affected non-players like coaches?
Gender Equity and Coaches' Pay

Wow! Those WNBA girlz rock! Here is their official site. Check out player stats, bios, and game schedules.
WNBA: The Official Site

Well, so women can play basketball. But they CAN'T play hockey, now can they?? Yup! Visit this site to find out about it!
HipCheck: Women's Roller and Ice Hockey  

Women's Studies 201