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"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."
-Mother Teresa

Here is a list of some sites which are classics, and a few which I think should be! Committed to awareness, activism, education and empowerment. A HUGE site with a little bit of everything.

Feminist Majority Foundation Online: Major site with job information, news from around the world, and more. 

Gender, Sex and the Web: Links to on-line articles about how gender plays out in cyberspace. A whole new area of discussion for feminists.

National Organization for Women: The name says it all. Great site with lots of information on politics.

Quotable Women: An archive of memorable quotes by women.

Women's Studies Resources at the University of Maryland: This great site has film reviews, bibliographies, calls for papers, conferences, employment information, and many links. It site is the mother of all women's studies sites.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance: Interested in how you can work on your campus on issues of choice? Here's a site to explore!

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Women's Studies Program/ General Links/ Women's Studies 201

International Web Resource Guide


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