Homosexuals among different Cultures

Homosexuals are a hot topic in the world. There are always Homosexuals as long as people live. However, people treat Homosexuals in different ways in different regions.

In the Middle East, the majority of the countries in this region are Islamic States and, irrespective of whether they are Sunni or Shiite nations, homosexuality is universally condemned as being contrary to the Creation of Allah. The punishment for the offense of homosexuality in many nations in the Middle East, regardless of whether the Sharia Law is implemented in the country or not, is often the death penalty. The dress code for male homosexuals in Kuwait is tight clothing, shaped eyebrows, white foundation with powder and a little lipstick. For females, they dress up like males with short spiky hair, studs and chains. Islamic MPs in Kuwait have been calling for the formation of a special religious police unit to uphold morals in the country. But so far this request has fallen on deaf ears.

While in America, People treat Homosexuals differently. Although some of Americans may discriminate Homosexuals, most of Americans can accept Homosexuals. Some states have enacted homosexuals are allowed to get married, such as Iowa, New Jersey and California. Homosexuals are not discriminated by others, and they have right to marry and live together. They can walk in the street, even kiss. No punishment is allowed in America. There is no significant dress code for female or male homosexuals in fact.

Generally speaking, homosexuals in different cultures are treated totally different. What important is that every person has the right to choose what they want to do.