Department of Computer Science

Nathan T. Weeks

PhD student, Computer Science


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M.S. Computer Science, Iowa State University 2012

B.S. Mathematics, South Dakota State University 2003
B.S. Computer Science, South Dakota State University 2002

Research Interests

Parallel and High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics



  • ipcmd - A command-line interface to SysV semaphores and message queues
  • mpififo - Inter-node named pipes over MPI


    Weeks NT, Luecke GR, Groth BM, Kraeva M, Ma L, Kramer LM, Koltes JE, Reecy JM. High Performance Epistasis Detection in Quantitative Trait GWAS. International Journal of High Performance Computing (in press)
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Technical Reports

Daniel Steinwand, Brian Davis, Nathan Weeks, "GeoWall: Investigations into Low-cost Stereo Display Systems", 2002 USGS Open File Report.", 2002 USGS Open File Report

Teaching Experience

Spring 2015, Math 525 - High Performance Computing (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2014, Math 424X - Introduction to High Performance Computing (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2014, Math 424X - Introduction to High Performance Computing (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2003, Math 102 - College Algebra (at South Dakota State University)

News Articles

"Lab harvests kernels of information." Iowa Farmer Today 4 Feb. 2009.

"Iowa State Crop Genomics Lab Largest in Nation." Iowa State University 30 Oct. 2008.

Other Work

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  • Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::DBI::SQLite - Perl module for the storage and retrieval of sequence annotation data using an SQLite database. I created this from the existing MySQL version, then contributed it to the bioperl project.
  • mpipipe - MPI-based parallelized Unix pipe for serial filter programs (final project for Com S 525 "Numerical Analysis of High Performance Computing") [presentation, manual page].
  • EST_GENOME_GPU - GPU program (based on EST_GENOME) for spliced alignment of transcript sequences to genomic DNA. A "finished" CUDA version and preliminary OpenCL port were done. Final project for Com S 590 "Research and Development in GPU Computing with CUDA". [presentation].