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The use of podcasts in education is gaining momentum, and many websites offer guidelines for teachers interested in using this technology to help their students learn. The selection of sites below provides a look at common issues facing educators interested in creating and using podcasts with their students.

Exploiting the Educational Potential of Podcasting
This site is designed primarily for K-12 teachers and school administrators and provides information on what podcasting is, how podcasts are created, and how they can be used for educational purposes. Emphasis is put on student-produced podcasts.

London Learncasting Presentation
Designed by instructional designer Allan Carrington at the University of Adelaide, this presentation provides guidelines for how teachers might use digitial audio, specifically podcasts, for helping students learn. This presentation also provides tips for designing and recording podcasts.

Podcasting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
This University of Wisconsin-Madison website is aimed at teachers who are interested in using podcasts to help their students learn. This site provides five steps “to Designing Podcasts that Teach.”

Pedagogy for Podcasting
Rob Reynolds provides guidelines when thinking of using podcasts for language learning. In addition, he provides a sample podcast introducing students to Spanish question words as well as an overview of how his sample coincides with his guidelines.

Educator's Guide to Podcasting
Educator David Warlick, provides many example podcasts he’s created on using podcasts in educational contexts. The podcasts are primarily structured interviews with other educators or podcasts containing educator discussions of ideas to use podcasts in the classroom.

This is the website for the Podcastcon conference that took place January, 2006. In addition to overviews of conference presentations on using podcasts in education, there are links to other podcasting resources and information on Podcastercon 2007.

Tools for the Teks: Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Wesley Fryer discusses the benefits of “classroom podcasting” and provides links to existing classroom podcasts that can serve as models for those interested in creating their own.

MCLI Podcasts
Maricopi Center for Learning and Instruction provides links to example podcasts that cater to local department and faculty members, as well as educators in general who want to learn about topics such as digital storytelling and the classroom of the future.

Podcasting in Education
The Apple website showcases several schools and classes that make use of podcasts.

The Promise of Podcasting
An interesting article written by Susan Manning of the Illinois online network discussing the promise of podcasting in education.

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