I have a lot of things that are of interest to me. I like collecting movies because movies are something that keeps me entertained more than anything. One of my favorite movie collection is the Underworld Trilogy.  This summer, I recently started playing tennis for a hobby and that has been something that I have enjoyed. I love listening to music that ranges from R&B, Hip hop and some rock. On my spare time which is rare now a days, I like to pick up a good book to read. My favorite kinds of books are authored by Lauralene Mc Daniel. Because she writes about real life tragedies and she teaches readers to live life as if it is the last life . even though I ran track and field in high school I do not like to run for fun but I do like to do active things such as taking a walk, fishing, playing with my nieces and doing random things around my house. During the weekends I volunteer at an assault care shelter and enjoy the satisfaction of helping other people. I have also recently added volunteering at Mary Greeley hospital to my list of interest.  During the school season, I usually spend most of my time studying and the time I have left to hang out with my friends. One of our favorite places to go when we hang out is 20/20, Elkslodge, the mall, or just moping around and having great conversations.