Second Cuts Performances:

January 25 ~ 6:30pm and 9pm:
Emcees: Kangaroos Don't Bite But We Do
Vignettes: You Bet, The Kenyatta's, Kim Hoffer
Skits: The Cat's Meow, Pull up a Chair

February 1 ~ 6:30pm and 9pm:
Emcees: The Jeff and KEG Show
Vignettes: Kelly Flenker, The ISU Hip Hop Dance Club
Skits: Doody and the Mystery of the Pirate's Peanuts, Sticky Situation, Contest Craze

February 8 ~ 6:30pm and 9pm:
Emcees: The Shamrockers Vignettes: Aaron Howard, Will Tinder Skits: Medical Mayhem, SVHS PTA 2k3, Break Out

*All tickets for second cuts are $7 and are available through Ticketmaster. Tickets go on sale January 13.

All Second Cuts events have ended.