All Varieties events for the year have ended.

Award Winners:

- 1st Place: Sticky Situation
- 2nd Place: SVHS PTA 2K3
- 3rd Place: Pull up a chair

- 1st Place: Will Tinder
- 2nd Place: You Bet
- 3rd Place: Kelly Flenker
- 4th Place: Kenyattas

1st Place Emcees:
Kangaroos don't bite, but we do!

The Vart: Luke Foster
Best Directors: Pull up a chair
Best Actor: Roy, played by Tom Barnsten, Pull up a chair
Best Actress: Mayor Mintyfresh, played by Leigh McNabb, Sticky Situation
Best Supporting Actor: Vinny, played by Abe Schwager, Cat's Meow
Best Supporting Actress: The Rosette, played by Erin Pike, Pull up a chair
Best Male Vocalist: Tom, played by Brian Rowles, Medical Mayhem
Best Female Vocalist: Mayor Mintyfresh, played by Leigh McNabb, Sticky Situation
Best Duet: It's your love, sung by Ben and Jill, Tyler Anderson and Lisa Hodges in Contest Craze
Best Music: SVHS PTA 2K3
Best Band: Sticky Situation
Best Choreography: SVHS PTA 2K3
Best Cameo: The Janitor, played by Nick Walters, Medical Mayhem
Best Stage Crew: Break Out
Best Line: "This reminds me of the days in the trenches of the Revolutionary War..." ("but you weren't even alive back then!") "Yeah, but I read about was scary." - Walter the War Vet, Erik Bergeland in SVHS PTA 2K3
Best Narrator: Shar the Hairdresser, played by Betsey Anderson, SVHS PTA 2K3
Best Plot: SVHS PTA 2K3
Best Costumes: Cat's Meow
Best Set: Doody and the Mystery of the Pirate's Peanuts
Best Sportsmanship: Medical Mayhem

Varieties Central Commitee Applications are now available in the West Student Office Space.


The Varieties Central Committee would like to extend a special thank you to all of the following:
A&R Marketing, Cyclone Awards and Engraving, The Flower Bed, Desmonds Formalwear, The Iowa State Memorial Union, Andrew Kingsbury and the MU Graphics Department, Letitia Kenemer and the MU Workspace, and the Student Union Board.
Also, a very special thank you to our Varieties Advisor, Dr. Lisa Kratz, and our Stage Manager, Mike King.

Thank you very much to all of this year's participants!

  The Varieties Central Committee is proud to announce that beginning in 2003 it will be a sponsor of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Iowa. In choosing a philanthropy, the committee looked for an organization with local impact, family values, and a strong sense of tradition to reflect that of Varieties. It is our hope that this relationship will be a long-lasting one with benefits for all those involved, most importantly the children whose wishes will be granted. Donations will be accepted at all Varieties performances, and 100% of the donations received will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Iowa. There will be brochures available at the show as well if you would like to hear more about Make-A-Wish, or visit their website at