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2015 Syllabus

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Problem 4:
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Problem 16: Ames House Price Data

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Optimizing the "AUC" Criterion

SVD Examples
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Kernel PCA Example   (R Code)

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Data Sets for 2013 Homework

Problem 2: Set1  Set2

Problem 10: Set3

Problem 14: Set4

Problem 16: Set5

Problem 25: Seeds

Problem 27: Spectral

 Exam 1 (Sp '13)
 Exam 2 (Sp '13)

2011 Course Outline

2011 Homework

2011 Homework 1 Solution
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2011 Homework 6 Solution

 Exam 1 (Sp '11)  Key
 Exam 2 (Sp '11)  Key

Congratulations to the team of Wen Zhou, Cory Lanker, Fangfang Liu, Jia Liu, Ian Mouzon and Wei Zhang for placing 5th on Task 1 in the 2013 Data Mining Cup (DMC)!  See the ISU write-up of their accomplishment here.

Congratulations to the team of Cory Lanker, Guillermo Basulto-Elias, Fan Cao, Xiaoyue Cheng, Marius Dragomiroiu, Jessica Hicks, Ian Mouzon, Lafeng Pan, and Xin Yin for placing 1st in the 2014 Data Mining Cup (DMC)!  See the ISU write-up of their accomplishment here.  Hear President Leath's comments about their work in his 2014 Annual Address here (beginning at 6:45 in the video).  Here is a .pdf of their certificate:



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