Statistics 544


Some materials for Stat 544 Spring 2008:


2007 Course Web Page


2008 Course Syllabus

Some Bayes Books

Outline of Course Lectures 2008

Mini-Project and Project Writing "Tips"

Some Other Advice About Technical Writing in Statistics


Spring 2008 HW Assignments

HW 1 Key

HW 2 Key

HW 3 Key


Mini-Project 1 (Due February 29, 2008 5PM, 2096 Black Hall)

Mini-Project 2 (Due April 4, 2008 5 PM, 2096 Black Hall)

Mini-Project 3 (Due April 18, 2008 5 PM, 2096 Black Hall)


Spring 2006 Exams

 Mid-Term Exam  Key  Score Distribution
 Final Exam  Key  Exam Scores

Spring 2007 Exams

 Mid-Term Exam  Key  
 Final Exam  Key  

Spring 2008 Exams

 Mid-Term Exam  Key  
 Final Exam  Key  


Prof. Carriquiry's Stat 544 Materials


Some code (no promises about efficiency or elegance of anything I personally generate ... I am far from an expert programmer ... the only guarantee you get is that "as far as I know, it runs")

Jon Hobbs' Metropolis-Hastings R Code



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