Resources for Statistics 531/ Quality Control and Engineering Statistics

Instructor: Professor Stephen B. Vardeman


Printed Course Notes:

Version 2.0 of Graduate Lectures and Problems in Quality Control and Engineering Statistics: Theory and Methods by Vardeman

(To Accompany Statistical Quality Assurance Methods for Engineers by Vardeman and Jobe ISBN #0-471-15937-3, published by Wiley)

Here is a pdf of the entire set of notes (931KB).

If you prefer smaller chunks, here are these pdf notes in pieces:

Table of Contents and Chapter 1 (244KB)
 Chapter 2 (283KB)
 Chapter 3 (146KB)
 Chapter 4 (196KB)
 Chapter 5 (291KB)
 Chapter 6 (Problems) (533KB)
 Appendix (The General Delta Method) (126KB)

If you want to try LaTEXing on your own with these notes, follow this link (but I won't be able to help you if you can't get the files to work on your system).



Known errata for the 1st printing of Statistical Quality Assurance Methods for Engineers


Syllabus, Handouts (and Homework), Exams (and Keys) and Handwritten Lectures:

Spring 2001 Syllabus

Spring 2001 Handouts and Homework

Spring 2001 Exam 1

Spring 2001 Exam 1 Key

Spring 2001 Exam 2

Spring 2001 Exam 2 Key

Spring 2001 Handwritten Class Lectures


Old Exams:

 Spring 1997 Exams
 Spring 1999 Exams


"Course" Software:

Follow this link to a page with some stand-alone computer programs useful in Stat 531.


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