Statistics 328


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Summer 2005 Course Materials:

Course Syllabus (WORD or PDF)

Course Outline


Labs and Keys:

 Lab #1  Lab #1 Solution
 Lab #2  Lab #2 Solution
 Lab #3  Lab #3 Solution
 Lab #4  Lab #4 Solution
 Lab #5  Lab #5 Solution
Lab #6  Lab #6 Solution

Exams and Keys:

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 Exam 2  Exam 2 Key  Exam 2 Scores

Course Notes/Slides

   Session 1  Session 2
 Week 1  (1/Page) (4/Page)  (1/Page) (4/Page)
 Week 2  (1/Page) (4/Page)  (1/Page) (4/Page)
 Week 3  (1/Page) (4/Page)  (1/Page) (4/Page)
 Week 4  (1/Page) (4/Page)  (1/Page) (4/Page)
 Week 5  (1/Page) (4/Page)  (1/Page) (4/Page)
 Week 6  (1/Page) (4/Page)  


Regression Summary/Formulas

Regression Model Search Criteria

Regression Diagnostics

Instructions from SAS on Reducing an "All R-Squares" Output in JMP to "The Best R-Square for Each Possible Model Size" Summary

Making Moving Averages in JMP

Time Series and Forecasting


Handout Page


328 Final 2003 Data Set

JC Penny Sales (Table 13.1 of MMD&S)

JMP "Series g" Time Series



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