Notes for MINITABTM Users

The tutorials on this site are designed to be used with MINITAB Release 13.x. Previous versions of MINITAB, including MINITAB Release 10Xtra for Macintosh, offer similar functionality, but features in these versions may not always be accessible as described in the tutorials. If you will be using a different version of MINITAB, consult your user manual where differences occur.

Screenshots were taken in MINITAB Release 13.1. If you are using a version later than Release 13.1, do not be alarmed at minor interface differences from the screenshots.

MINITAB is a product of Minitab, Inc. and is available for Microsoft Windows. Macintosh Release 10Xtra is still available for sale, though it is not current with the Windows version.

Contact information for Minitab:

Minitab, Inc.
3081 Enterprise Drive
State College, PA, 16801-3008
Sales: 800-488-3555, ext. 270
Fax: 814-238-4383
Tech Support: 814-231-2682

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