Fitting a Line in MINITABTM

Chapter 4, Printout 1

Section 1: Making a Fitted Line Plot

  1. Launch MINITAB.

  2. Enter the data.

    Screenshot: screenshot

  3. Generate the fitted line plot.

    MINITAB displays a fitted line plot of Density vs. Pressure.

    Screenshot: screenshot

Section 2: Obtaining the Fitted Equation and Additional Numerical Summaries

  1. Display summary information for the fitted line.

    MINITAB displays summary information, including the regression equation and a table of fits and residuals.

    Screenshot: screenshot

Section 3: Generating Additional Plots

  1. Display a normal plot of residuals, residuals vs. fits, and residuals vs. pressure.

    MINITAB displays a normal plot of residuals, a plot of residuals vs. fits, and a plot of residuals vs. pressure.

    Screenshot (normal plot of residuals): screenshot

    Screenshot (residuals vs. fits): screenshot

    Screenshot (residuals vs. pressure): screenshot