Notes for JMP® Users

The tutorials on this site are designed to be used with JMP 4.0.x for Windows. JMP for Macintosh and previous versions of JMP have similar functionality, but features in these versions may not always be accessible as described in the tutorials. If you will be using a different version of JMP, consult your user manual where differences occur.

Note, in particular, that previous versions of JMP had a more involved procedure for data entry, requiring rows to be initialized before use. JMP 4 adds rows dynamically as data are entered.

Screenshots were taken primarily in JMP 4.0.0. JMP 4.0.2 was used for "Shewhart p Charting," as version 4.0.0 contained a bug that prevented the creation of a standards-given p chart. If you are using a version later than 4.0.0, do not be alarmed at minor interface differences from the screenshots.

JMP is a product of the SAS Institute and is available for both Macintosh and Windows.

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