Inference for Simple Linear Regression in JMP®

Chapter 9, Printout 1

Note: While the focus of this example is inference for simple linear regression, the data used are identical to those of Printout 1 of Chapter 4. Section 1 is as for the Chapter 4 printout; Section 2 describes additional steps for inference.

Section 1: Making a Fitted Line Plot

  1. Launch JMP and create a new data table.

  2. Enter the data.

    Screenshot: screenshot

  3. Generate a fitted line plot of the data.

    JMP fits a line to the points, plots the line, and displays an analysis of the fit.

    Screenshot: screenshot

Section 2: Inferences in Simple Linear Regression

  1. Display confidence limits for mean density.

    JMP displays confidence limits for mean densities.

    Screenshot: screenshot

  2. Display prediction limits for individual densities.

    JMP displays prediction limits for individual densities.

    Screenshot: screenshot

  3. Display confidence limits for parameters.

    JMP adds two columns to the Parameter Estimates table.

    Screenshot: screenshot