Inference for Simple Linear Regression in Microsoft® Excel

Chapter 9, Printout 1

Note: While the focus of this example is inference for simple linear regression, the data used and the procedure followed are nearly identical to those for Printout 1 of Chapter 4. This example merely restates the instructions found in "Fitting a Line by Least Squares" in a more compact form. Excel's data analysis tools do not offer the option of plotting confidence limits for mean response, so the plot generated is identical; however, the summary information does include confidence limits for the slope and intercept.
  1. Launch Excel.

  2. Enter the data.

    Screenshot: screenshot

  3. Plot density vs. pressure.

    Excel places the regression summary and line-fit plot in a new sheet of the workbook.

    Screenshot (summary output): screenshot

    Screenshot (plot): screenshot

    Note: you can resize all columns to fit their contents by selecting all the cells you want to resize, then selecting "Format --> Column --> Autofit Selection."