Slides from NISS/ASA Technical Writing Workshop for Young Researchers ... and Some Other Stuff

Salt Lake City, UT

August 2007


Nell Sedransk's Slides

Technical Writing Tutorial

An Additional Comment

Peter Imrey's Slides

Pointers for Surviving the Editorial Process

Lee Wilkinson's Slides

Dealing with Figures and Graphics


Steve Vardeman's Slides

Some Injunctions on Writing for Publication in Statistics

Considerations in "Choosing a Journal"

Technometrics--An Example of a Special Purpose Statistics Journal

Other Stuff

Vardeman RTG Slides


Some of What Some Journals Say About Themselves

IMS List of Online Writing Resources

A Nice Online Listing of Writing Resources at the University of Michigan

Another Nice List of Online Writing Resources

A Really Nice Online Handbook of Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization for Technical Writers

An Online Version of Strunk's Classic 1918 Rules of Usage

Just do a Google Search on "Online Writing Resources"

Last updated: 9/14/07