Industrial Engineering 361 Handouts


Class Outline


Table 1.1 of the Text

Elementary Statistical Considerations in Metrology

Binder Clip Data

Class Measurement Study Data Collection Form

Class Measurement Study Summary

Gage R&R Instructions and Data Collection Form

Gage R&R Data

Gage R&R ANOVA Caclulations (JMP)

Some Additional Notes on ANOVA-Based Gauge R&R Estimation

Linear Calibration Data

Simple Data Collection Principles

Variables Control Chart Form

Deming Drama Data and Retrospective Calculations

Examples of "Attributes Data"

Sets of "Extra Alarm Rules"


Multivariate Control Charts

Mutlivariate Control Chart Data

X|MR Chart Constants

Normal Plotting

Process Capability Measures and Their Estimation

Prediction and Tolerance Intervals

"Statistical" Tolerancing

Glass/Phosphor Data and Calculations

Box, Hunter and Hunter Pilot Plant Data and Calculations

Hicks Machining Horsepower Data and Calculations

Fractional Factorial Lectures



Last updated: 9/26/2005