Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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 Experiment: 121306 

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    I. General Information

Material DKXL212:S0950 Homologous Area Tropical
Tester MBS8814 Number of Entries 72
Replications 6 Number of Entries Out-Yielding the Check Mean 51

II. Yield Information

Yield:  Pedigree Bu/Ac               Moisture (%)
Entry Average   155.6 20.9
Entry Range   131.8 183.7 19.3 22.0
Best Entry DK212:S0950-B-025 183.7 20.3
Check Average   149.0 20.4
Check Range   139.8 155.6 18.7 23.1
Highest Check Material Pioneer 31D58 155.6 20.6

III. Location Information

Replications Locations Planting Date Harvesting Date
Rep 1 Forage Genetics, Ames, IA    
Rep 2 Forage Genetics, Ames, IA    
Rep 3 Forage Genetics, Charles City, VA    
Rep 4 Forage Genetics, Ft. Branch, IN    
Rep 5 Forage Genetics, Otterbein, IN    
Rep 6 Forage Genetics, S. Charleston, OH    

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