Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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 Yield Trial Data Distributing Form:

EXPT Entry Pedigree Tester Inventory No. REP Plot WT Yield MOIST TWT STD SLG RLG DEAR PLTHT EARHT Notes

I. Note: Please specify the GEM data manager if you have adjusted the yield at 15.5% moisture level.

II. Additional Information needed for data analysis:

  1. Plot information (width x length) for calculating the yield

  2. Plant date & Harvest date

  3. Location (city, state)

  4. Number of seeds planted for calculating the percentage of plant standing

III. Explanation:

  1. EXPT = GEM experiment number that can be used to track the seeds and pedigrees

  2. Entry = Entry numbers

  3. Female Pedigree = Female pedigree if it's appropriate

  4. Tester = Male pedigree if it's appropriate

  5. Inventory No. = Inventory number that can be used to track the source of the seeds

  6. REP = Replications

  7. Plot = Field plot number

  8. WT = Plot weight of corn (lb/plot)

  9. Yield = The yield of the tested entry (Bushel/Acre) at 15.5% moisture level

  10. MOIST = Moisture of seeds at harvesting

  11. TWT = Test weight (lb/Bu)

  12. STD = Number of plants in the plot (actual number of plants)

  13. SLG = Number of stalk lodging

  14. RLG = Number of root lodging

  15. DEAR = Number of dropped ears

  16. PLTHT = Plant height in centimeter

  17. EARHT = Ear height in centimeter

  18. SG = Staying green

  19. Notes = Special notes

If you need more information about the data or the form, please contact:  GEM Webmaster

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