Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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The GEM public cooperators make excellent PowerPoint presentations at annual GEM cooperator's meetings at Chicago. GEM project sometimes invites researchers to give presentations on  specific topics. These slides are very informational and valuable. That's why we decided to put these PowerPoint slides on the GEM web site for free distribution. If you need more information, please contact each GEM cooperator for help.

If you don't have any programs to open these presentations, you can download the MS PowerPoint Viewer freely to see them. The Viewer is about 2 MB in size, so it might take awhile to download, depending your Internet connection speed. 

I. Presentations at GEM Annual Meetings:

Year Presentations
2018 D. Peters              
2016 P. Bretting V. Long M. Krakowsky D. Peters M. Krakowsky T. Hoegemeyer    
2015 C. Gardner Survey M. Krakowsky M. Shen W. Dolezal J. Edwards W. Trevisan M. Willcox
2014 C. Gardner M. Krakowsky M. Shen W. Dolezal W. Trevisan      
2013 M. Blanco M. Krakowsky M. Shen M. Blanco M. Krakowsky M. Goodman R. Wisser  
2012 M. Blanco M. Krakowsky M. Shen M. Blanco M. Krakowsky J. Parks M. Campbell J. Ross-Ibarra
2011 M. Blanco M. Krakowsky M. Shen M. Blanco M. Krakowsky J. Dodd NAPB W. Xu
2010 M. Blanco M. Krakowsky M. Shen M. Blanco M. Krakowsky  Pixley Flint-Garcia  
2009 M. Blanco Blanco & Smelser Hoegemeyer & Gardner M. Krakowsky T. Lubberstedt M. Shen    
2008 M. Blanco M. Bohn N. de Leon M. Shen      
2007 B. Beavis M. Blanco M. Campbell M. Goodman M. Shen W. Trevisan    
2006 Edwards GEM Goodman Parks Scott      
2005 Clements GEM McMullen Rice        
2004 Coors Duvick Election GEM Goodman Hawk Bretting  
Release Survey            
2003 Bohn Dolezal GEM Goodman Hoegemeyer Release Smith  
2002 Campbell Duvick Goggi Hawk Pratt Smith Xu  

II. Presentations at GEM TSG Meetings:

Year Presentations
2010 W. Salhuana Taba Flint-Garcia
2007 Hurburgh
2006 GEM_Blanco GEM_Shen Flint-Garcia

III. Presentations on specific topics.



2008 Blanco
2005 Blanco:Corn_School Blanco:Texas_A&M

Note: These files are pretty large and may take a long time to download if you still use 28.8 kb/s modem.

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