Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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 GEM Set G Lines:

The Set G lines were selected based on the top ten yields of some 2000 and 2001 yield trials and re-tested in year 2004 with 2 different testers.


Inventory # Pedigree   Inventory # Pedigree
03GEM00299 AR16026:S1704-024-001-B-B   03GEM00304 CUBA164:S1517-163-001-B-B
03GEM00300 AR16026:S1704-058-003-B-B   03GEM00305 CUBA164:S1517-183-001-B-B
03GEM00301 AR16026:S1704-083-003-B-B   03GEM00306 CUBA164:S1517-189-002-B-B
03GEM00292 AR16026:S1704-113-001-B-B   03GEM00308 CUBA164:S1517-241-002-B-B
03GEM00293 AR16026:S1704-122-001-B-B   03GEM00309 CUBA164:S1517-257-002-B-B
03GEM00294 AR16026:S1704-137-001-B-B   03GEM00282 CUBA164:S2012-235-001-B-B
03GEM00295 AR16026:S1704-139-001-B-B   03GEM00283 CUBA164:S2012-313-001-B-B
03GEM00296 AR16026:S1704-139-002-B-B   03GEM00284 CUBA164:S2012-444-001-B-B
03GEM00297 AR16026:S1704-153-001-B-B   03GEM00285 CUBA164:S2012-459-001-B-B
03GEM00298 AR16026:S1704-167-002-B-B   03GEM00286 CUBA164:S2012-488-001-B-B
03GEM00307 CUBA164:S1517-019-001-B-B   03GEM00287 CUBA164:S2012-606-001-B-B
03GEM00310 CUBA164:S1517-052-001-B-B   03GEM00288 CUBA164:S2012-717-001-B-B
03GEM00311 CUBA164:S1517-082-001-B-B   03GEM00289 CUBA164:S2012-884-001-B-B
03GEM00302 CUBA164:S1517-122-002-B-B   03GEM00290 CUBA164:S2012-947-001-B-B
03GEM00303 CUBA164:S1517-146-001-B-B   03GEM00291 CUBA164:S2012-966-001-B-B


We are grateful to our Cooperators for their support!


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