Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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 GEM Recommended Lines - Set C:

The Set C lines were selected based on the top ten yields in the 1999 yield trial tests and re-tested in year 2002 with 2 different testers.

Inventory # Pedigree   Inventory # Pedigree
01GEM00281 AR16026:S17-001-001-B-B   01GEM00262 CUBA117:S1520-052-001-B-B
01GEM00282 AR16026:S17-006-001-B-B   01GEM00263 CUBA117:S1520-153-001-B-B
01GEM00283 AR16026:S17-010-001-B-B   01GEM00264 CUBA117:S1520-156-001-B-B
01GEM00284 AR16026:S17-016-001-B-B   01GEM00265 CUBA117:S1520-182-001-B-B
01GEM00285 AR16026:S17-047-001-B-B   01GEM00266 CUBA117:S1520-298-001-B-B
01GEM00286 AR16026:S17-066-001-B-B   01GEM00267 CUBA117:S1520-388-001-B-B
01GEM00287 AR16026:S17-104-001-B-B   01GEM00268 CUBA117:S1520-411-001-B-B
01GEM00288 AR16026:S17-191-001-B-B   01GEM00269 CUBA117:S1520-430-001-B-B
01GEM00289 AR16026:S17-334-001-B-B   01GEM00270 CUBA117:S1520-562-001-B-B
01GEM00290 AR16026:S17-345-001-B-B   01GEM00295 CUBA117:S15-217-001-B-B
01GEM00251 AR16035:S19-080-001-B-B   01GEM00296 CUBA117:S15-260-001-B-B
01GEM00252 AR16035:S19-084-001-B-B   01GEM00297 CUBA117:S15-332-001-B-B
01GEM00253 AR16035:S19-093-001-B-B   01GEM00298 CUBA117:S15-372-001-B-B
01GEM00254 AR16035:S19-101-001-B-B   01GEM00299 CUBA117:S15-435-001-B-B
01GEM00255 AR16035:S19-125-001-B-B   01GEM00300 CUBA117:S15-566-001-B-B
01GEM00256 AR16035:S19-161-001-B-B   01GEM00271 CUBA164:S1511b-001-001-B-B
01GEM00257 AR16035:S19-182-001-B-B   01GEM00272 CUBA164:S1511b-050-001-B-B
01GEM00258 AR16035:S19-190-001-B-B   01GEM00273 CUBA164:S1511b-069-001-B-B
01GEM00259 AR16035:S19-227-001-B-B   01GEM00274 CUBA164:S1511b-115-001-B-B
01GEM00260 AR16035:S19-285-001-B-B   01GEM00275 CUBA164:S1511b-135-001-B-B
01GEM00291 CUBA117:S15-101-001-B-B   01GEM00276 CUBA164:S1511b-205-001-B-B
01GEM00292 CUBA117:S15-111-001-B-B   01GEM00277 CUBA164:S1511b-244-001-B-B
01GEM00293 CUBA117:S15-142-001-B-B   01GEM00278 CUBA164:S1511b-249-001-B-B
01GEM00294 CUBA117:S15-180-001-B-B   01GEM00279 CUBA164:S1511b-325-001-B-B
01GEM00261 CUBA117:S1520-041-001-B-B   01GEM00280 CUBA164:S1511b-346-001-B-B


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