Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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 GEM 05 Release Lines:

The GEM 05 Release lines were selected based on the two year yield trial data of some lines tested before and re-tested in year 2004 with 2 different testers.

Please click on each pedigree for the images.

Inventory Pedigree
03GEM00041 BARBGP2:N08a18-332-001-B
03GEM00182 CH05015:N1204-057-001-B-B
04GEM00520 CH05015:N1502-086-001-B-B
03GEM00118 CHIS775:S1911b-120-001-B-B-B
04GEM00518 DK212T:N11a12-191-001-B-B
02GEM00325 DKB844:S1601-003-002-B-B-B
02GEM00327 DKB844:S1601-073-001-B-B-B
04GEM00530 DREP150:N2011d-624-001-B-B
03GEM00203 UR11003:S0302-1011-001-B-B


We are grateful to our Cooperators for their support!


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