Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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Protocol (SSD)
Pedigree Writing
Released Lines


Germplasm Releases
GEM Disease Data
BGEM Images
GEM Releases' Images
GEM Documents
GEM Protocol (Modified Pedigree Method): A layout of GEM activities for nurseries, isolations, and yield trials.
                A flowchart of GEM line development plan and a flowchart of modified pedigree protocol.
GEM Protocol (Modified SSD Method): A layout of developing S2, S3 lines, isolations, and yield trials with SSD method.
               A Flowchart of GEM SSD Protocol
GEM Pedigree Writing Format: The explanation how GEM pedigrees are written.
PopGEM Populations: The information about PopGEM lines.
GEM Released Lines: Officially released lines by GEM and GEM cooperators.
GEM Germplasm Releases and Key Traits (Click here to download the zipped file)
BGEM Public Release: Announcement and a list of the released lines in MS Excel format.
GEM Disease Data
Corn Images of Released BGEM Lines: If you need much higher resolution of these BGEM images, please contact GEM webmaster.
Corn Images for GEM Released Lines: We provide some corn images for certain GEM recommended lines. There are 3 images for each line, which includes the image of corn ears, cross section of corn ears, and corn kernels, along with some data.
Year 2014 GEMN-0246 GEMN-0247 GEMS-0248 GEMN-0249 GEMS-0250 GEMS-0251
Year 2013 GEMS-0234 GEMS-0235 GEMN-0236 GEMS-0237 GEMN-0238 GEMN-0239
GEMS-0240 GEMS-0241 GEMN-0242 GEMS-0244 GEMS-0245  
Year 2012 GEMS-0224 GEMN-0225 GEMS-0226 GEMS-0227 GEMS-0228 GEMN-0229
Year 2011 GEMN-0221 GEMS-0218 GEMS-0219 GEMS-0220 GEMS-0222 GEMS-0223
Year 2010 GEMS-0199  GEMS-0200 GEMS-0201 GEMS-0202 GEMS-0203 GEMN-0204
GEMN-0205 GEMS-0206    
Year 2009 GEMN-0187 GEMS-0188 GEMS-0189 GEMN-0190 GEMN-0191 GEMN-0192
Year 2008 GEMN-0174 GEMS-0175 GEMS-0176 GEMN-0177 GEMN-0178 GEMN-0179
GEMS-0180 GEMS-0181 GEMS-0182 GEMS-0183 GEMS-0184  
Year 2007 GEMN-0154 GEMN-0155 GEMN-0156 GEMN-0157 GEMN-0158 GEMN-0159
GEMS-0160 GEMS-0161 GEMS-0162 GEMS-0163    
Year 2006 GEMN-0138 GEMN-0139 GEMN-0140 GEMN-0141 GEMS-0142 GEMS-0143
GEMN-0144 GEMN-0145 GEMS-0146 GEMS-0147 GEMS-0148 GEMS-0149
Year 2005 GEMN-0110 GEMN-0111 GEMN-0112 GEMS-0113 GEMN-0114 GEMS-0115
GEMS-0116 GEMN-0117 GEMS-0118      

We are grateful to our Cooperators for their support!



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