Germplasm Enhancement of Maize

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Protocol (SSD)
Pedigree Writing
Released Lines


Germplasm Releases
GEM Disease Data
BGEM Images
GEM Releases' Images
GEM Documents
GEM Protocol (Modified Pedigree Method): A layout of GEM activities for nurseries, isolations, and yield trials.
                A flowchart of GEM line development plan and a flowchart of modified pedigree protocol.
GEM Protocol (Modified SSD Method): A layout of developing S2, S3 lines, isolations, and yield trials with SSD method.
               A Flowchart of GEM SSD Protocol
GEM Pedigree Writing Format: The explanation how GEM pedigrees are written.
PopGEM Populations: The information about PopGEM lines.
GEM Released Lines: Officially released lines by GEM and GEM cooperators.
GEM Germplasm Releases and Key Traits (Click here to download the zipped file)
BGEM Public Release: Announcement and a list of the released lines in MS Excel format.
GEM Disease Data
Corn Images of Released BGEM Lines: Be patient during the downloading due to the numbers of the images. If you need much higher resolution of these BGEM images, please contact GEM webmaster.
Corn Images for GEM Released Lines: We provide some corn images for certain GEM recommended lines. There are 3 images for each line, which includes the image of corn ears, cross section of corn ears, and corn kernels, along with some data.
Year 2014 GEMN-0246 GEMN-0247 GEMS-0248 GEMN-0249 GEMS-0250 GEMS-0251
Year 2013 GEMS-0234 GEMS-0235 GEMN-0236 GEMS-0237 GEMN-0238 GEMN-0239
GEMS-0240 GEMS-0241 GEMN-0242 GEMS-0244 GEMS-0245  
Year 2012 GEMS-0224 GEMN-0225 GEMS-0226 GEMS-0227 GEMS-0228 GEMN-0229
Year 2011 GEMN-0221 GEMS-0218 GEMS-0219 GEMS-0220 GEMS-0222 GEMS-0223
Year 2010 GEMS-0199  GEMS-0200 GEMS-0201 GEMS-0202 GEMS-0203 GEMN-0204
GEMN-0205 GEMS-0206    
Year 2009 GEMN-0187 GEMS-0188 GEMS-0189 GEMN-0190 GEMN-0191 GEMN-0192
Year 2008 GEMN-0174 GEMS-0175 GEMS-0176 GEMN-0177 GEMN-0178 GEMN-0179
GEMS-0180 GEMS-0181 GEMS-0182 GEMS-0183 GEMS-0184  
Year 2007 GEMN-0154 GEMN-0155 GEMN-0156 GEMN-0157 GEMN-0158 GEMN-0159
GEMS-0160 GEMS-0161 GEMS-0162 GEMS-0163    
Year 2006 GEMN-0138 GEMN-0139 GEMN-0140 GEMN-0141 GEMS-0142 GEMS-0143
GEMN-0144 GEMN-0145 GEMS-0146 GEMS-0147 GEMS-0148 GEMS-0149
Year 2005 GEMN-0110 GEMN-0111 GEMN-0112 GEMS-0113 GEMN-0114 GEMS-0115
GEMS-0116 GEMN-0117 GEMS-0118      

We are grateful to our Cooperators for their support!



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