University Committee on Women

UCW Leadership

Contact Information:

Chris Fowler
203 Sloss House

Kristen Constant
2220J Hoover Hall

Jennifer Blackhurst
Past Chair
3131 Gerdin

Dawn Bratsch-Prince
Associate Provost
1550 Beardshear Hall

Mission Statement

The University Committee on Women works to promote a university climate that fosters the full participation of women faculty, staff and students. The committee concerns itself with policies and practices that may cause particular difficulties for women as employees and students.


The goals of the University Committee on Women include the following points:

1. Represent the interests and concerns of all women in the university community.
2. Advise the university administration on issues affecting women faculty, staff, and students.
3. Assist women in mentoring and networking opportunities.
4. Monitor the institution's performance in regard to representation and advancement of women.
5. Promote a supportive learning and working environment for women.
6. Assist and advocate in the development of policies and practices that promote the equitable participation and treatment of women employees and students.
7. Participate in recruitment and selection processes for leadership positions across the university and within the colleges. Approved 4/28/02


History: Select a Decade: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

December 1971

VP Christensen appoints first members to UCW

January 1972

First UCW meeting held

Year 1972:

    UCW reviews Affirmative Action statement

    Recommends that masculine pronouns be changed in Graduate Student Handbook

    Report on the status of women at ISU with the following recommendation: "...that the university create a climate in which women in all positions--faculty, staff, and students--are given opportunities men to develop themselves as individuals and to be engaged in activities commensurate with their abilities and interests."

    Women's Center proposal drafted

    Recommends removal of Miss/Mrs. designator in Directory

Year 1974:

    Women's Center proposal accepted by administration - housed in Dean of Students Office

    Grievance procedure in Faculty Handbook reviewed and proposed changes submitted

Year 1975:

    ISU Day Care Laboratory proposal prepared by UCW and submitted to administration

    Proposal for Women's Studies curriculum prepared and submitted

    First Women's Week sponsored by UCW

Year 1976:

    Administrative Assistant assigned to UCW

Year 1977:

    UCW printed a Speaker's Directory - a state-wide list of speakers on topics of interest to women

    Supported efforts to increase release time for Women's Studies Chair and for funding for permanent faculty to teach Intro to Women's Studies

    WOMENEWS first published through administrative assistant

Year 1978:

    UCW joined with Iowa ERA to work for passage of the ERA amendment in Iowa

Year 1979:

    "Forum IV: Isolation of Women in Academia" - regarding situations of women in a male-dominated institution

Year 1980:

Submitted reports to the administration on the following:

"Comparative Salaries of Men and Women Faculty at ISU"

"Representation of Female Faculty on University and College Committees"

Sponsored two seminars

      "Power in the Office"
      "Survival Skills for the Office"

Forwarded recommendation that Women's Center be housed in 3 rooms of Sloss House

Year 1981:

Submitted "Status of P & S Women Employees at Iowa State"

Year 1982:

First P & S women's breakfast sponsored by UCW

Submitted following reports:

"Status of Women Faculty at ISU"

"Sexual Harassment of Students at ISU"

Year 1983:

Academic administration internship program was initiated at recommendation of UCW

Compiled information and reported on rapes and assaults at ISU

Reported on the status of international women at ISU

Year 1984:

Extensive review by UCW of the structure and function of the Women's Center

Year 1985:

Report "Status of Women Faculty on Non-Tenure Track Appointments"

Year 1986:

Reported number of women and minorities in higher administrative levels at ISU

Surveyed Merit employees regarding job satisfaction and safety, sexual harassment and discrimination, and career developmen

Year 1987

First Sex Equity Forum

Report submitted "Women in Administration"

Issued report on the instances of sexual harassment at ISU

Year 1988:

Presented inclusive language policy to administration for consideration

Assisted with child care survey with other Regents institutions

Follow-up report reviewing all UCW recommendations/reports given to administration to record progress

Year 1989:

Submitted "Procedures for Search Committees to Ensure an Equitable Search"

Contributed to study among Regents institutions "Sexual Harassment Among Women Faculty in Iowa"

Sponsored open forum "Equity in Long Range Strategic Plan"

Year 1990:

Worked with others to pursue renaming Old Botany

Report prepared regarding parental leave policies

Sex Equity Forum - "Warming the Chilly Climate"

Instrumental in bringing Equity Institute to ISU

Year 1991:

Sex Equity Forum - presentation on diversity by facilators trained by the Equity Institut

Initiated the "Women in Touch" series

Year 1992:

Reviewed Sexual Harassment policy for inclusion in Faculty Handbook

Assisted Diversity Steering Committee in assessment of climate issues relative to women and minority groups

Active in review of candidates for Provost position

Year 1993:

Active in Title IX review

Parental Leave Policy review

Interactive Teleconference - "Confronting Sexual Harassment on Campus"

Sex Equity Forum - "Glass Ceiling for Faculty Women

Year 1994:

Conducted membership caucus of UC

Drafted response to Sexual Harassment Polic

Responded to racism and sexism in the ISU Daily

Studied the ISU Benefits/Parental Leave policie

Year 1995:

Drafted response to University Strategic Plan

Monitored hiring of University football coach

Sponsored Gender Equity Forum: Title IX

Year 1996:

Sponsored 2-day retreat and identified barriers to women on campus

Sponsored dialogue and discussion concerning the Carrie Chapman Catt controversy

Gender Equity Forum -- "Information and Resources"

Active in review of candidates for the following positions: Affirmative Action Officer, Director of the Catt Center for Women in Politics, Vice-President for External Affairs and Director of Housing

Year 1997:

Sponsored teleconference, U.N. Women's Conference - One Year Later

Started the Task Force on Isolation

Active in review of candidates for the following positions: Chair of Women's Studies, Director of University Relations, and Affirmative Action Director

Made a commitment to act as Way-Up liaison

Year 1998:

Created UCW brochure and web page

Sponsored day -long strategy session on the mission of the Way Up Conference

Made short-term recommendations on maternity/family leave issues and created long term task force to look into these issues further

Created flyer on sexual harassment issues

Co-spnsored programs with LGBTA and supported creation of univeristy committee on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally concerns

Compiled statistics on the number of women, men, and minority tenured and untenured faculty

News & Updates

Upcoming Meetings

Fall Retreat, August 22, 2011
11:00 - 1:00 pm
2210 Memorial Union

Monday, September 12, 2011
11:30 - 1:00 pm
3150 Beardshear Hall

Monday, October 10, 2011
11:30 - 1:00 pm
3150 Beardshear Hall

Monday, November 14, 2011
11:30 - 1:00 pm
3150 Beardshear Hall

Monday, December 12, 2011
11:30 - 1:00 pm
3150 Beardshear Hall


The University Committee on Women works to promote a university climate that fosters the full participation of women faculty, staff and students. The committee concerns itself with policies and practices that may cause particular difficulties for women as employees and students.