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"The problem with doing nothing is that you never know when you're finished", G. Marx
"In research, you know you're never going to be finished.."

Refereed Publications

Folding and stability of helical bundle proteins from coarse-grained modelsKapoor, A and A. Travesset,Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics(2013)300287-292(link)
Dynamics of DNA-programmable nanoparticle crystallization: gelation, nucleation and topological defectsKnorowski, C and A. Travesset,Soft Matter(2012)812053-12059(link)
Nanorods in functionalized block-copolymer gels: Flexible ladders and liquid crystalline order in curved geometriesKnorowski, C and A. Travesset,EPL (Europhysics Letters)(2012)10056004(link)
General solution to the electric double layer with discrete interfacial chargesVangaveti, S and A. Travesset,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2012)137064708-64718(link)
Regulation of the Electric Charge in Phosphatidic Acid DomainsWang, W; N. Anderson; A. Travesset and D. Vaknin,J. Phys. Chem. B(2012)1167213--7220(link)
Dynamics and Statics of DNA-Programmable Nanoparticle Self-Assembly and CrystallizationKnorowski, C; S. Burleigh and A. Travesset,Phys. Rev. Lett.(2011)106215501-215504(link)
Materials design by DNA programmed self-assemblyKnorowski, C and A. Travesset,Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science(2011)15262 - 270(link)
Monte Carlo Studies of the XY Model on Two-Dimensional Curved SurfacesSelinger, R; A. Konya; A. Travesset and J. Selinger,J. Phys. Chem. B(2011)11513989--13993(link)
Self-Assembly Enters the Design EraTravesset, AScience(2011)334183-184(link)
Ion-Specific Induced Charges at Aqueous Soft InterfacesWang, W; R. Park; A. Travesset and D. Vaknin,Phys. Rev. Lett.(2011)106056102--(link)
Design of polymer nanocomposites in solution by polymer functionalizationAnderson, J; R. Sknepnek and A. Travesset,Phys. Rev. E(2010)82021803-21813(link)
Electrostatic correlations at the Stern layer: Physics or chemistry?Travesset, A and S. Vangaveti,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2009)131185102-185112(link)
General purpose molecular dynamics simulations fully implemented on graphics processing unitsAnderson, J; C. Lorenz and A. Travesset,Journal of Computational Physics(2008)2275342-5359(link)
Micellar crystals in solution from molecular dynamics simulationsAnderson, J; C. Lorenz and A. Travesset,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2008)128184906-11(link)
Self-assembled ordered polymer nanocomposites directed by attractive particlesKnorowski, C; J. Anderson and A. Travesset,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2008)128164903-5(link)
Molecular Dynamics of Ionic Transport and Electrokinetic Effects in Realistic Silica ChannelsLorenz, C; P. Crozier; J. Anderson and A. Travesset,J. Phys. Chem. C(2008)11210222-10232(link)
Hydrogen Bonding and Binding of Polybasic Residues with Negatively Charged Mixed Lipid MonolayersLorenz, C; J. Faraudo and A. Travesset,Langmuir(2008)241654-1658(link)
Nanoparticle Ordering via Functionalized Block Copolymers in SolutionSknepnek, R; J. Anderson; M. Lamm; J. Schmalian and A. Travesset,ACS Nano(2008)21259-1265(link)
Extracting the pair distribution function of liquids and liquid-vapor surfaces by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction modeVaknin, D; W. Bu and A. Travesset,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2008)129044504-9(link)
Dynamics and instabilities of defects in two-dimensional crystals on curved backgroundsBowick, M; H. Shin and A. Travesset,Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(2007)75021404(link)
The Many Origins of Charge Inversion in Electrolyte Solutions: Effects of Discrete Interfacial ChargesFaraudo, J and A. Travesset,Journal of Physical Chemistry C(2007)111987(link)
Phosphatidic Acid Domains in Membranes: Effect of Divalent CounterionsFaraudo, J and A. Travesset,Biophys. J.(2007)922806-2818(link)
Electrostatics of phosphatidic acid monolayers: Insights from computer simulationsFaraudo, J and A. Travesset,Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects(2007)300287-292(link)
Charge inversion of divalent ionic solutions in silica channelsLorenz, C and A. Travesset,Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(2007)75061202-5(link)
Ordering by Collapse: Formation of Bilayer and Trilayer Crystals by Folding Langmuir MonolayersVaknin, D; W. Bu; S. Satija and A. Travesset,Langmuir(2007)231888-1897(link)
Coarse-Grained Simulations of Gels of Nonionic Multiblock Copolymers with Hydrophobic GroupsAnderson, J and A. Travesset,Macromolecules(2006)395143-5151(link)
Crystalline particle packings on a sphere with long-range power-law potentialsBowick, M; A. Cacciuto; D. Nelson and A. Travesset,Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(2006)73024115-16(link)
How Accurate Is Poisson-Boltzmann Theory for Monovalent Ions near Highly Charged Interfaces?Bu, W; D. Vaknin and A. Travesset,Langmuir(2006)225673-5681(link)
Atomistic Simulations of Langmuir Monolayer CollapseLorenz, C and A. Travesset,Langmuir(2006)2210016-10024(link)
Charge Inversion at Minute Electrolyte ConcentrationsPittler, J; W. Bu; D. Vaknin; A. Travesset; D. McGillivray and M. Losche,Physical Review Letters(2006)97046102-4(link)
Effect of dipolar moments in domain sizes of lipid bilayers and monolayersTravesset, AThe Journal of Chemical Physics(2006)125084905(link)
Bjerrum Pairing Correlations at Charged InterfacesTravesset, A and D. Vaknin,Europhys. Lett.(2006)74181-187(link)
Monovalent counterion distributions at highly charged water interfaces: Proton-transfer and Poisson-Boltzmann theoryBu, W; D. Vaknin and A. Travesset,Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(2005)72060501-4(link)
Solid domains in lipid vesicles and scarsChushak, Y and A. Travesset,Europhys. Lett.(2005)72767-773(link)
Coarse-grained molecular-dynamics simulations of the self-assembly of pentablock copolymers into micellesChushak, Y and A. Travesset,The Journal of Chemical Physics(2005)123234905-7(link)
Ground state of a large number of particles on a frozen topographyTravesset, APhysical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(2005)72036110-8(link)
Salty Solutions Near a Charged Modulated InterfaceTravesset, AEur. Phys. J E(2005)17435-446(link)
Curvature-induced defect unbinding in toroidal geometriesBowick, M; D. Nelson and A. Travesset,Physical Review E (Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics)(2004)69041102-12(link)
Induced Crystallization of Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes at the Gas-Water InterfaceVaknin, D; S. Dahlke; A. Travesset; G. Nizri and S. Magdassi,Physical Review Letters(2004)93218302-4(link)
Grain Boundary Scars and Spherical CrystallographyBausch, A; M. Bowick; A. Cacciuto; A. Dinsmore; M. Hsu; D. Nelson; M. Nikolaides; A. Travesset and D. Weitz,Science(2003)2991716-1718(link)
Universality in the screening cloud of dislocations surrounding a disclinationTravesset, APhysical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)(2003)68115421-15(link)
Crystalline Order on a Sphere and the Generalized Thomson ProblemBowick, M; A. Cacciuto; D. Nelson and A. Travesset,Physical Review Letters(2002)89185502-185505(link)
Formation of vortex loops (strings) in continuous phase transitionsBowick, M; A. Cacciuto and A. Travesset,Physical Review E(2002)65026133(link)
Crackling noise, power spectra, and disorder-induced critical scalingTravesset, A; R. White and K. Dahmen,Physical Review B(2002)66024430(link)
Universal Negative Poisson Ratio of Self-Avoiding Fixed-Connectivity MembranesBowick, M; A. Cacciuto; G. Thorleifsson and A. Travesset,Physical Review Letters(2001)87148103(link)
Universality Classes of Self-Avoiding Fixed Connectivity MembranesBowick, M; A. Cacciuto; G. Thorleifsson and A. Travesset,Eur. Phys. J5E(2001)87149-160(link)
The statistical mechanics of membranesBowick, M and A. Travesset,Physics Reports(2001)344255-308(link)
The Geometric Structure of Bond Orientational OrderBowick, M and A. Travesset,J. Phys. A:Math. Gen.(2001)341535(link)
Interacting topological defects on frozen topographiesBowick, M; D. Nelson and A. Travesset,Physical Review B(2000)628738-8751(link)
Tubular phase of self-avoiding anisotropic crystalline membranesBowick, M and A. Travesset,Physical Review E(1999)595659(link)
The Renormalization Group and its Finite Lattice ApproximationsCacciuto, A; E. Gregory and A. Travesset,J. of Stat. Phys.(1999)97541(link)
Properties of Quantum Hall Skyrmions from AnomaliesBaez, S; B. Balach; A. ran; A. Stern and A. Travesset,Mod. Phys. Lett. A(1998)132627(link)
O(N) models within the Local Potential ApproximationComellas, J and A. Travesset,Nucl. Phys. B(1997)498539(link)
The Phase Diagram of the U(2)xU(2) Models and its Implications for Chiral HierarchiesEspriu, D; V. Koulovassilopoulos and A. Travesset,Phys. Rev. D(1997)566885(link)
Plasmons in Simple Metal-Slabs: a Semiclassical ApproachLeseduarte, S; J. Sellares and A. Travesset,Surf. Science(1997)3841(link)
MCRG study of Fixed-Connectivity SurfacesEspriu, E and A. Travesset,Nucl. Phys. B(1996)468514(link)
Combining MCRG and Fourier Accelerated AlgorithmsEspriu, D and A. Travesset,Phys. Lett. B(1995)356329(link)
Universality in the Crumpling TransitionBaig, M; D. Espriu and A. Travesset,Nucl. Phys. B(1994)426575(link)

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Alex 5 faves

I love all my papers, but I was asked to mark five of them as faves (ironically, not very cited!)


Some random selection of figures from my papers

Gyroid phase of nanorods arranged as ``flexible ladders'' 10.1209/0295-5075/100/56004
A crystal of micelles of Pluronic® polymers entirely formed by self-assembly from a random initial configuration. 10.1063/1.2913522
Three PIP(4,5) phospholipids (remaining lipids in the membrane omitted) bound to a 13Lysine peptide 10.1021/la703550t
Vacancy (top) unbinding into three dislocations (middle), eventually forming a "scar" (bottom) on a spherical crystal 10.1103/PhysRevE.75.021404
Twelve Long "scars" (finite length grain boundary) on a spherical crystal 10.1126/science.1081160
The flat phase of self avoiding membranes 10.1007/s101890170071 and the crumpling phase when self-avoidance is absent 10.1016/0550-3213(94)90022-1 .