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Hello, I'm Trevor. I made this site...but I do more than just fart around on the web. So, when I'm not farting around I may be doing one of the following:

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Being a Dad:

Yup. I consider being "Daddy" my first job. I wish I didn't have to split my time between job number one and the rest of my duties.

Being a Husband:

Doesn't pay much in cash but the benefits are great! And is also integral to job #1.

Being a Metallurgist:

I spend way too much time thinking about ways to make better metals. If you want to know more please check my employer's web site:

Ames Laboratory, USDOE
Materials Preparation Center

Being a Computer Nerd:

I enjoy developing web sites. I've been working on a few:

Central Iowa ASM Chapter
North Shore Analytical Inc.
Metallurgy and Ceramics program
Augustana Lutheran Church )
the Riedemann Haus (duh!)

I've even written some Macintosh programs!

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This page last modified on: September 14, 2003

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